Glass Fencing


If you have a swimming pool at your home or in a commercial area, you are required to have appropriate pool fencing around your pool for safety.

Glass Pool Fencing offers the safety required by law without compromising the view. Glass Pool fencing is a modern alternative to the traditional fencing styles. You can also have a mixture of glass pool fencing and traditional pool fencing.

The concern with most pool fencing solutions, is to maintain the aesthetics and view without compromising on safety. Glass Pool Fencing provides the security without blocking the view.

Our fencing solutions are available in several options to meet the design and landscaping needs of your pool area. We provide stylish pool fencing solutions.


Many homeowners choose Frameless fencing when the desired result is glass pool fencing that is barely visible, meeting aesthetic desires and safety requirements without hampering the view. Frameless fencing is ideal for pool areas of all sizes and is a perfect fit for any landscaping concept.


The only difference with this choice is that posts come between and connect the glass panels as opposed to the frameless option where the seams are glass to glass. This option of Pool fencing leaves the design of the posts to your needs and aesthetic requirements. You can choose between round or square poles, the colour of the poles and fittings – these are available in aluminium or stainless steel. All of our fencing products are designed and powder coated in our factory on the Central Coast.

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